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Landing your dream tech job starts with transparency on both sides.

No CVs, no cover letters

CVs are dead. We cut out the fluff, all we need is your last few jobs, where you studied, and a link to your Github if you’re an engineer, or your portfolio if you’re a designer.

Real transparency

You deserve to know what it's really going to be like in your next role. That’s why we rate company culture with the help of verified current and ex-employees.

Get to know the team

Put faces to names and know who will be working alongside you in your squad, who your line manager will be and who the founders are. Know who’s joining, who’s leaving and how diverse the team is.

Search for the things that matter

Set up advanced searches and alerts based on things like; salary, average commute time, employee churn, team growth, gender diversity, tech stack, funding stage and more.

Free forever

Yep. Forever.